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Atwood Or Surburban Water Relief Valve Half Inch

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Atwood Or Surburban Water Relief Valve Half Inch


Protects the heater from excessive temperatures and water pressures. Available in two sizes.

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NOTE: if your valve is weeping, it does not mean it definitely requires replacing. You may have lost the "air space" at the top of the tank. With the pump off, drain the tank ans refill it using the taps to bleed. This will reintroduce  the air space at the top of the tank. If it still leaks, replace the valve. The air space is needed as a "shock absorber" and to allow some expansion of the water as it heats up. Do not be tempted to lift the lever on the water valve as this is how the air is lost. If you have lifted the valve lever (to reset it) you MUST drain the heater and refill as described above. See our anode rods to service your boiler.

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Product Code: 80-8420

Price: £26.98 / (inc VAT and Delivery)

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